Japan Samurai: To Freshen Up Before The Battle Box At Any Time Upon

- Jan 14, 2016-

Unlike Japanese road and County Road, the Chinese way is "metaphysical road to who, and under that the gas", the Japanese as road gas, whether it is Chinese or European, and finally we see a Japan culture, and finished it with purely European culture is different.

Japan in the middle ages there was a very famous Chinese concept, called fuzzy Han and territories, is not so clear and fuzzy. The modern period, he proposed a concept called compromise and ocean.

The road of Chinese culture, geopolitics, geography, and US Customs have a relationship, we are such a large country, vast territory and abundant resources, way too careless. Lao-Zhuang told "road in the rubble", but what is? It is up to everyone to enlightenment. Japanese are not, he said, is a ceremonial, is a ritual. In practice, you can touch it, you can practice rather than enlightenment.

For example Japan ikebana, Japanese flower just like the concept of people, as I have often said what? This is not the answer, how do you answer what is this? No, I have no idea. Everyone can say a lot of people are. Statement is the same so the Japanese view of flowers, ten ten, but Japanese flower have a general principle called "sorrow", caused a sense of mourning is his look at the flowers. This is different from our understanding of Chinese, object after the subject a kind of feeling, this feeling is a kind of mourning.

And ancient Greece are not the same. Ancient Greece observed the object is cognitive--what is the universe, what is the nature of it--I have to use a logical, a rational thing to describe it, and then generates a knowledge structure to meet the objective world. Ancient Greece's everything is cognitive in nature, Japan is different, Japan is perceived.

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