Jewelry Display Conveying Jewelry Product Information

- Sep 19, 2017-

Jewelry display to disseminate jewelry products and design-related information role. In the early stage of design activities, it is the designers, customers, production and processing personnel and departments of communication between the media, at the same time in the late production and processing and sales activities are also enterprises, Jewelry Display products and consumer communication bridge.

(a) The role of the design link in the jewelry design link, jewelry display is divided into jewelry design patterns and jewelry model display two forms.

1. In the jewelry design project which the enterprise develops independently, generally in the design phase of the project through three views, the effect of the form of jewelry display, Jewelry Display to facilitate the designers, designers and business decision-making departments between the communication, to prepare for the finalization of the program; in the commissioned design project, Jewelry Display the designer in the clear customer requirements after the design proposal, Generally needs to be shown in the form of jewelry to communicate with customers in a timely manner, through the effect of the chart to show the convenience of the customer to anticipate the effect of wearing the finished product and different matching programs, Jewelry Display the customer's needs and feedback to adjust and modify the proposal.

2. After the completion of fine design, wax, plastic, gypsum and other materials to make jewelry model display, to help designers and other staff to find timely design and processing of various problems and defects, Jewelry Display such as the center of gravity instability pendants can not wear, etc. Visible, jewelry display for the design of the modification and improvement of the conditions provided, especially in the new, the use of valuable raw materials, custom jewelry development to reduce the risk, Jewelry Display improve the success rate of design and development and customer satisfaction.

(ii) role in the sales chain jewelry display refers to the business in order to promote sales, a comprehensive conception, plan and implementation of the product's display and visual communication as well as the sales and shopping environment to meet the needs of the producers, promoters and consumers, Jewelry Display and to create a more scientific, rational and More in line with people's physical and mental living environment of the overall design. Jewelry display in the sales link, mainly in order to attract the attention of customers, Jewelry Display conveying jewelry product information, in order to stimulate consumers to purchase the desire for the main purpose. Jewelry industry developed countries and regions have always attached great importance to the jewelry display research, there are specialized designers to engage in this work, in the display, packaging supplies materials, style design, color collocation has special attention, jewelry display way is constantly new. But at present in the domestic market sales link, Jewelry Display jewelry display is easy to be ignored by enterprises and designers, the degree of attention is not high, generally jewelry in kind directly show the main, show the form of a single, although jewelry in kind pay attention to display the true sense and appeal, but by time, space, location and other physical restrictions, there is a certain drawback.

Types and characteristics of jewelry display

Static jewelry display is the most common form of jewelry display, because in this traditional way of display customers can observe and contact the physical products, thereby reducing psychological concerns, and firmly buy confidence. Therefore, general sales terminals such as jewelry show in the mall.

Display requirements for jewellery display

(1) Understand the corporate culture, understand the company's design style and restrictions. Identify the elements that must be and must be emphasized.

(2) must clear the enterprise to convey to the public the information, Jewelry Display sets the product localization.

(3) The investigation of the surrounding environment, regardless of the use of half Wai and type of display space and the full circumference and type of display space, must be different.

(4) Jewelry store is a high-grade professional store. Indoor environment should be dignified, elegant, space structure design should be easy for customers to flow, watch, Jewelry Display should also pay attention to the storage and anti-theft function display design.

Brand display of different jewelry

According to the local economic level, market competition, Jewelry Display consumer quality and other factors decided, there are generally 3 kinds of situations:

The city's upscale consumer place, the quantity of goods is small, to the upscale jewelry mainly, has the fixed style. Display in the form of parts, highlighting the style of each commodity, enhance the sense of nobility.

The city's mass consumer place, the quantity of goods is relatively many, the commodity style is diverse, does not have the fixed style, many takes the spare parts to add the plate the way, composes many kinds of modelling and the level, achieves the esthetic, and the commodity rich effect, therefore is currently accepted by most jewelry retail stores.

Small and medium-sized city/region jewelry Shop, Jewelry Display the basic use of goods sold heap mountain display, the number of props used, most of the whole plate or intensive type of goods, to customers with sufficient volume, the choice of a large sense of the intangible when customers have a sense of trust, so as to attract customers.

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