Jewelry Display Spread Brand Culture

- Oct 16, 2017-

Jewelry display is a visual marketing method, is based on different display space, using a variety of props, art and jewelry, in the product style positioning based on the combination of culture, art, taste, fashion, personality and other elements, through a variety of display techniques, Jewelry Display the product's functionality, characteristics, style or sales activity theme fully expressed.

Jewelry display in the product display space or sales space within a certain range, Jewelry Display so that people on the properties of goods, functions, characteristics, quality, style, the level of a glance, attract attention, leave the impression, produce close to the goods and purchase of goods desire to maximize the display of goods to stimulate the sale of goods, manufacturing brand The purpose of disseminating brand culture.

Jewelry display In addition to the basic elements of display (easy to choose, improve freshness, enhance value, compelling, etc.) in addition, from the overall consideration of the exhibition, there are more important functional elements, including themes, focus, balance, proportions, composition, color, space planning, consensus practice, repetition effect, Capacity planning and serialization and other principles of ergonomics. Jewelry Display They are used in the basic operation process of display jewelry. The adoption of these principles will help you to arrange a series of products from the overall perspective, to give the most renowned features of the location of products, reasonable collocation of similar products. The form of refining and rich connotation of the overall display of the purpose of only one, so that possible sales reached as soon as possible.

The theme of jewelry display. From the whole store display effect, Jewelry Display can let customers feel a brand culture, that is, a brand style, product positioning and market positioning.

The display effect can let the customer know the festival's main promotion and the main push category clearly, in the different promotion activities, can enable the customer to know the specific content of this promotion activity very clearly.

The display of jewellery needs to be constantly changed, Jewelry Display but this is a need for normative management. As the store's length, must start from the following aspects, the shop display carries on the daily management. First, regular new product development, and on the Ark, timely replacement of the new light box pictures. Second, the monthly layout of normal goods is reset. Can be periodically based on the product style of the display, or adjust the goods, the inventory of goods and the upper cabinet goods, intermodulation, to increase the freshness of the feeling.

Jewelry display must set the focus, highlighting the theme. Jewelry Display The focus is usually used in a series of products in some of the typical styles, supplemented with products, such as the DTC "perfect" series, and then supplemented with pop posters, pop in the vicinity of the corresponding products. Therefore, it is necessary to emphasize the importance of the classification and display of jewellery.

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