Kitty Team, A Wonderful Team In Tinya

- Nov 14, 2016-

There are three sales teams in our company. One team is Domestic sales team and other two are foreign trade sales team. Each team consists of three members.

Our team is “Kitty Team”. Our slogan is “kitty kitty, money money!”. The other two members of our group are Kiki and Lucy. Kiki is in charge of our group. Help us to solve problem when we have difficulties whatever in life or work. Teach us foreign trade knowledge. Lucy is not only my colleague but also my roommate. She is a mom and a very kind and patient person. She works hard when she is at work. Every day after work, she would call her daughter, telling stories and greetings. She is a very strong and optimistic person in life. She always brings us a lot of laughter.

Our team won the first place in the PK of three group last month. We are really happy and proud. We will work harder to strive for better results. I’m sure “Kitty Team” is the best. Just fighting!

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