Learn To Give Up

- Apr 20, 2018-

Learn to give up 

     Now,you may monder why I told you to give up.Don't we always say taht we should  stick to it no matter waht?

    I think that,if you do one thing with wrong direction,then your persistence will only make you far from your  target more and more.I think it is necessary to learn to give up properly.

   Some people may say,I 've given so  much,I've invested so much,and it's too bad to give up now.This is the time to test you,if you are a rational and intelligent person,you should know that people should  look forward,look for future development,so ,you must be determined,don't hesitate to give up and seek correct method to set out,this is the right way.

  It may sound strange to learn to give up,but it is a very reasonable one.I hope that what i share today will  help you .See you tomorrow.


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