Learning English Is A Continuous Process.

- Apr 14, 2018-

Learning is a continuous process

        Learning is something that needs to be done all the time,and if you're just three minutes of heat and three days of fishing for two days,you can't learn anything.

        As the saying goes,three days without reading,born three days don't try.Even if you have a knowledge today,learn a skill,you also need to often review,often use the skills,or you'll gradually unfamiliar.use it or lost it is such a truth.

       Take to learn English,even if you remember the word today,do not mean tomorrow would you still remember.You have to contact to review English words everyday,you should ues and recite everyday to get these things stored in your brain forever.

       Here are a few ways to learn English,which I hope I will help you.First,you should read English news every day,and mark the words you don't understand,then check the meaning of it and recite it.Second,you can  listen to some English songs or watch some English movies,which will help you finf your sense of  language.Thirdly,in daily life,you can try to communicate with others in English.I think practice is the fastest way to improve people's ability.

     That's all I have to share to you today,I hope it will help you,have a good weekend,and I'll see you next week.

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