Lipstick Display Stand Made Of Acrylic Material

- Jun 02, 2017-

Lipstick display stand, the use of high-quality acrylic materials, the carving, polishing, silk screen and other production made of. The combination of color, unique shape shaping, and better bring out the elegant characteristics of cosmetics.

The lipstick display plays an important role in the real work, Lipstick Display Stand such as the use of him to show the product, the family used him to decorate the family, but what is the lipstick display stand? Or lipstick display is what to do? What role does he play in real life?

The so-called lipstick display he is also one of the many acrylic products, Lipstick Display Stand is made of transparent acrylic sheet, he compared to other materials have the following advantages!

1, with the glass can be compared with the light transmittance, but the density is only half of the glass,

2, it is not as fragile as the glass, Lipstick Display Stand even if the damage does not like the formation of sharp pieces of glass, causing harm to personal safety,

3, its wear resistance and aluminum close to it can be a variety of chemicals from time to time corrosion.

At the same time the production of lipstick display stand can be used when the appropriate printing or spraying process, Lipstick Display Stand to his surface for a certain degree of decoration and landscaping effect.

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