Little Animal

- Nov 07, 2016-

Little animil-Mouse

Today, Let's talk about the mouse, the inpiration is from my colleague wears a nice T shirt whic printting Mickey Mouse. The first impression of Mouse if of crouse, People hate them, becasue they will eat our delicious cookies or bread and even the green plant Epipremnum aureum, broken our desk or furniture and run through people's foot caused women and Children' scare. well, people always say kill the mouse when there is a mouse running. the funning thing is cats are not responsible for catching the mouse anymore, maybe they are too lazy due to the high qulity luxure life.


Mouse are mammals, rodents, rodents rodent rodents. Its main feature is the body was conical, incisors developed, no tooth root, life-long growth, common to wear short material; action quickly; to plant-based food, and some omnivorous; The mouse is a rodent with a small body. There are more than 450 kinds of mice in the world. Mice are one of the most primitive mammals in existence, they are strong, numerous, and reproduce very fast, adaptable, almost anything to eat, where to live. Mice will be holes, on the tree, and can spread the plague, epidemic hemorrhagic fever, leptospirosis and other pathogens. But the mouse provides people with countless drug experimental data.


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