Living Room Storage And Organization

- Jun 19, 2018-

The living room is an important place to show the master's taste, but after all, the living room space is limited. How to put all the articles in order and make the living room display unique taste and life style? A few tricks for you to solve!

1. even though some storage space is under your nose, it is often ignored by us. Like this case, it is a good choice to design a built-in receiving cabinet on one side of the sofa. The partition will divide the space apart, although the area is small, it also plays a certain role.

2., set up a flat flat cabinet on the wall of the living room, and put it into the wall to absorb many articles, so that the corner space can be completely utilized. At the top, you can make a shelf, and you can also put books and articles on it. Using walls as a book block is the best use.

3. if your home sofa is not placed on the wall, then the space of the rear side of the sofa can also be used well, making a corner receiving cabinet, and the design of multiple layers.

The 4. receiver is not necessarily a square or rectangular, this is not a too regular receiving frame, placed in the living room, not only can play a certain role in receiving, but also to play the role of decoration, to space to increase the sense of change.

5. if your living room is big enough, the large storage cabinet is the best way to solve the problem of storage. Placing the storage cabinet on the wall, the partition design of many compartments can not only display the powerful function of collection, but also play the role of display.

Below is our new design rotating cosmetic organizer, if your living room or bathroom is not very tidy, you want to keep your cosmetics or other accessories in on place, our rotating cosmetic organizer is a good choice.

rotating cosmetic organizer (6).jpg

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