Makeup Brush Frame Made Of Green Environmental Protection Material

- Aug 28, 2017-

The makeup brush holder is mainly used for storing brushes.

Makeup brush frame using high-quality acrylic materials, carved, polished, screen printing and other crafts produced. The combination of color, unique modelling, Makeup Brush Holder better to foil the elegant features of the makeup brush frame.

Cosmetic brush frame with green environmental protection materials, no bubble, no burr, no degumming, overflow, impurities and other quality problems

Makeup Brush Rack Features

1, the drying brush will not be a lopsided, Makeup Brush Holder with paper mold feeling already very good

2, the board is still very thick, stent only half of the thickness of the board. Makeup Brush Holder A thick brush can have a suitable hole and will not fall.

Makeup Brush Holder Material: Imported acrylic plexiglass

Size: Floor 140* roof 130MM Two plate spacing between the height is 6.7CM

Makeup Brush Holder Material: 3MM Imported acrylic plexiglass

Makeup Brush Holder Weight: 110 grams

Makeup Brush Holder Color: Transparent, red, black

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