Material Of Bathroom Cabinet

- Jul 03, 2018-

1. Solid wood, which is made of solid wood after distillation and dehydration, is processed by N waterproofing process. Table (or basin) can use glass, ceramics, stone and artificial stone, as well as the same material as the cabinet, its features are natural style, simple, elegant, can fully embody the master's home grade and identity, after many waterproofing and baking process, the waterproof performance is very good, but the solid wood cabinet body is the most. The great regret is that if the environment is very dry (such as air conditioning tuyere or natural drying, such as Xinjiang, for example), it is easy to crack, so the wet cotton rag is often used and swab in maintenance.

2, ceramics, refers to the ceramic body directly fired according to the mold body, the table is generally ceramic. The characteristics are easy to handle, which can fully reflect the clean and bright rhythm of the owner, but ceramics are fragile objects. If heavy objects strike, they are easy to damage.

3, class PVC, the cabinet can be made according to the wood processing technology. The raw material of the cabinet is PVC skinned foam board, and the mesa is also similar to solid wood. It is characterized by good waterproof performance, and the color of the paint is bright and bright. It is suitable for the fashionable avant-garde type consumers, but the PVC board will be subjected to force deformation when it is gravitational and can not be recovered for a long time. So the body of this kind of cabinet is generally not large and the weight is small.

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