Ministry Of Public Security: Personal User WiFi Can Not Be Shared Without Authorization.

- May 21, 2018-

China Network May 21st news day, the Ministry of public security focused on the domestic WiFi sharing network application service enterprises, and required it to establish and improve the protection and identification of user information and to prevent the security management measures of the counterfeit WiFi network, and found that the criminal activities were reported to the public security organs in time.

The Ministry of public security requires that the WiFi network, which is not authorized or agreed by himself or the unit, and the non-public WiFi network within the state organs and enterprises and institutions, stop sharing the service and clear the relevant information; the residential area and the state organs, enterprises and institutions are unable to confirm the WiFi network of public service and suspend the sharing of the service. Business.

The public and user supervision should be accepted through official website, APP client, privacy protection and data security, and the official website and APP client also provide WiFi network sharing information query and complaint channels, and the WiFi network owners should stop sharing and stop sharing after verification.

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