- Jun 14, 2018-

Mobike is an Internet short trip solution developed by Hu Weiwei, Beijing Based Technology Co., Ltd. It is the intelligent hardware of the mode of non pile return bike. People can quickly hire and return a motorcycle by smart phone, and can afford a few kilometers of city riding at affordable prices.

In April 22, 2016, the Beijing Technology Co., Ltd. held a press conference in Shanghai, formally announcing the arrival of the motorcycle service. "A gift" for World Earth Day in a way of promoting green travel. In July 18, 2017, the Ministry of education and the State Language Commission issued a report on the status of Chinese language living (2017) in Beijing. The ten new words of the Chinese media were selected for the 2016 year of the motorbie. In December 5, 2017, the motorcycle was awarded the "business Recognition Award" by the Chinese motorcycle company, which won the 2017 "global guard Award" award.

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