Morning Reading

- Apr 12, 2018-

Morning reading

    There is a rule in our company that we must read early every morning.I think it's a very meaningful thing .We may rarely go to the books after the works,and the company gives us a chance to learn something useful every day.

    We read an article a day,and then we invite some of us to share his reading experience.I think this is a very good practice.You can exchange views with each other and let us know more about our colleagues.We work after morning reading,which make me feel very energetic and passionate,so I hope this regulation can continue.

    Each of us took turns to host the morning reading ,which means that everyone has a chance to come to power,I think this is very good,because some people are introverted and easy to  be shy,dare to express their ideas in public,I think this is a very good chance,can exercise our courage and eloquence,let us become more and more confident.

    Well ,that's all I want to share today.I'll see you tomorrow.Good luck. 

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