Morning Reading

- Oct 20, 2016-

Morning reading

Good morning! This is Lucy Xiang. today i would like to talk about the Morning reading. We always associate Morning reading with school, the students back to school reading for good good study. Well, we read it around 30 mins every morning in our company, the morning reading booking named Living way is studying the good spirit. 

The writer is DAO T T FU from Japan. seems he is famous writer, and he is dead already, i don't know why he write this book, maybe his life is so no well, and met many difficulty throughout his whole life, and maybe nothing but work was the life for him. I don't like Japanese, as well as him even though famous white hair, of crouse i don't like his write as well. Somebody try to change one's philosophy and world view, i don't think it works. so i would rather choose Marx. it talks about the what the meaning life is in the book, the answer is temper one's soul.... this is a big questions. it mentions work hard, no lazy, and insist to do.

maybe it is good book worth people reading, try to think.

Thanks for your reading! 

Lucy Xiang

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