Mr Trump Said The Summit Could Be Postponed

- May 23, 2018-

Mr Trump said the summit could be postponed

        According to the BBC website on May 23, trump in after a meeting with south Korean President in Yin in the White House, wen said: if the talks not happen now, may be held in after the United States have what they want in prior to the talks.

       South Korea's yonhap news agency reported that Mr. Moon's trip to Washington was to tell Mr. Trump what he could get from Mr. Kim and what he could not get.

       Pyongyang has yet to respond to the draft, but last week Pyongyang also threw cold water on the us, saying it might cancel talks with the us if the us insisted on a unilateral nuclear disarmament.

      North Korea's foreign ministry on May 16, first deputy Kim kye-gwan said speaking, President of the United States national security affairs assistant bolton had proposed to abandon nuclear nuclear mode such as compensation for the principle of Libya after argues that didn't mean to solve the problem through dialogue, but in an attempt to repeat in north Korea handed the country fully to power and collapse in Libya or the fate of Iraq if the government wants to trump forced north Korea's unilateral disarmament, the DPRK or would reconsider the DPRK's leaders' meeting

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