My Colleague Tina

- Dec 09, 2016-

Hello, This is Lucy, Today i would like to introduce my colleague Tina. She just graduated from Hainan University in this July. And she start the first job in our company.


She is a tall fat very young girl, she loves eating, eating the delicious cookies, Guazi, spicy fish, not be hungry, but it is sheer greedy. Every nice food is not able to escape her mouth, haha~~  what’s more, she is good at talking, speaking, she most anxious to be agreeable and pleasant, always let us laugh, she always talk the interesting story or words. And easy chatting communication with customers. She has her own strong optimistic opinion, she speaks eloquently, always submit the different explanation when it is her turn to share during the morning reading. She is a girl who know what she is doing, She smiles the sweetest, most sensible smile. She had good good study in her university, every year got the college scholarships per her excellent study, of course, she gets more and more good business in the company.

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