My Favorite Animal

- Apr 16, 2018-

My favorite animal

    Animals are good friends of human beings.They can't talk,but they always accompany us in silence,which brings us infinite pleasure.Many people have pets,and I would love to have my own pets someday.

     My favorite animals is the cat.I think the cat is very cute.If you know her well ,it will become very sticky and make you feel a sense of accomplishment.Another reason I like cats is that I think a lot of cats are docile.I don't like animals that look fierce.

     Maybe you would ask me,since I love cats so much,why not have a cat now?In my opinion,we are going to be responsible for our pets.If you feel you don't have the ability to take good care of the pets,the beginning that you don't,don't let the pets into unfortunatelife.

      At present.I am a little busy,I have very little free time.I don't really have time and energy to take care of a pet.So,even though I like cats,I will keeping pets until I can take care of it,that way,both mye cat and I would be happy.

       You should also have your own favorite animals,so ,what is your favorite animals?

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