My Idol

- Apr 09, 2018-

My idol 


    Everyone has their own idols and I am no exception.My idol is liu yifei,she is an actress.I have liked her for many years.

   We think of a person as our idol,because there is so much to admire about this person.As for liu yifei,I like her serious and responsible attitude towards work.As we all know,take sport is very hard,but she rarely complain,even dangerous action she also don't have to double as far as possible,so we can see her bring us so many wonderful works.

   Actor is a well-paid profession,but you don't see too much waste and luxury on she,a coat or a chair can be used for many years.In addition ,she is a very caring person,she has several cats in her home,and her yard has adopted a lot of stray cats.

  This is liu yifei, so hard and kind people,how could you not like her?

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