My New Life In Tinya In 2016 (II)

- Sep 10, 2016-

  Good morning! I am Lucy Xiang. The time flies fast, one week is past, and Now It is time to continue the topic of new life in Tinya.


  So today I would like to introduce the colleagues in our office in Tinya. There are total 17 people in our office, the boss, purchaser and the receptionist, finances, others are our sales. In our Sales department, there is a very important person I have to introduce, our talented designer Lilian. she is a little fat, but very clear, nice personality and work hard designer Lilian, she is very busy for design or drawing, every sales will join the queue when need Lilians help such as to make the logo placement for buyers approval, or design a new product per buyers new requirement.  


  Ok, Stop now, next time (next week) I will introduce a wonderful gentleman, See you!

PS Nail Polish Organizer

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