My View On Animal Welfare

- Apr 06, 2018-

My View on Animal Welfare

        Recent year withness a dramatic compaign against extracting bear bile,while introduces the issue of animal welfare into public discussion people come to realize that not only do bears  suffer the daily torment ,but also other animals are being sacrificedto benefit human beings.

         On the one hand ,a number of peop;e take it for granted that human beings' interests outweigh those of animals .Besides,they akso assert that animals are not consciouly aware of poor welfare.On the other hand,others maintain that it's selfish and cruel to take advantage of animals regardless of their welfare for the sake of human beings'interests.Instead of beingregarded as inferior species to human beings ,animals are born equal to men and this are entitled to undifferentiated treatment.

       In my view,it's unrealistic to ban the use of animals in term of medication, experiment and food production.However,it's human's obligation to minimize distress and pain involved in the procedures whenever possible.

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