Nail Polish Display Stand Assembly Without Any Tools

- Aug 16, 2017-

Nail polish display stand can be put some make-up, Nail Polish Display Stand included in the lip gloss, sun red, or powder, the effect is also good, the choice of high-quality materials, beautiful atmosphere, durable, multi-

Nail polish display stand has the following characteristics:

Performance: all parts are made of high-quality gray cardboard + high-strength corrugated paper made of paper can be folded, can be assembled, can be used repeatedly, without any tools assembled;

Uses: advertising promotions, short-term promotions, product display; Nail Polish Display Stand suitable for placing in supermarkets, shopping malls, stores, large stores and other places;

Advantages: cheap, green, colorful, the terminal store advertising tool;

Design: Customers can design drawings, Nail Polish Display Stand can also be in accordance with customer requirements, product design.

Nail polish display stand with high quality corrugated paper made of beautiful patterns made: modeling novel, beautiful color, convenient transportation, low cost is a new generation of shopping malls supermarket display display supplies.

Nail polish display stand can be any assembly and disassembly, the most visual impact, Nail Polish Display Stand advertising and display the effect of wonderful! Reasonable scientific structure, nice appearance, on the mall, supermarket, the effect is very significant.

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