Nail Polish Display Stand Color Beautiful

- Jul 13, 2017-

Nail polish display stand has the following characteristics:

Performance: all parts are made of high-quality gray cardboard + high-strength corrugated paper made of paper can be folded, can be assembled, can be used repeatedly, without any tools assembled;

Uses: advertising promotions, short-term promotions, product display; Nail Polish Display Stand suitable for placing in supermarkets, shopping malls, stores, large stores and other places;

Advantages: cheap, green, colorful, the end of the store advertising tool;

Design: can be designed according to customer drawings, Nail Polish Display Stand can also be in accordance with customer requirements, product design.

Nail polish display stand with high-quality corrugated paper made of beautiful patterns: modeling novel, beautiful color, easy transportation, low cost is a new generation of shopping malls supermarket display display supplies.

Nail polish display stand can be any assembly and disassembly, Nail Polish Display Stand the most visual impact, advertising and display effect wonderful! Reasonable scientific structure, nice appearance, on the mall, supermarkets, pharmacy advertising effect is very significant.

Nail polish display stand to the entire shop to create a kind of ice and ice texture, people shines, refreshing, extremely cold. Now the glass material on the market is more and more exhibitions, glass exhibition has a fragile soul, the East display stand, Nail Polish Display Stand so in the decoration we must be its careful care. First glass exhibition brittle, make-up display stand, not easy to move, so the glass exhibition with a good installation in a relatively fixed place, do not often move back and forth.

Nail polish display stand scrub when you pay more attention to the display of the display, because it is a thin layer of aluminum surface, it is easy to be scratched, especially the chassis showcase, take the chassis, pull to pull a few days The surface of the aluminum crossed out, so we should be careful when using the showcase. Showcase the characteristics of showcase factory and professional dust-free spray paint room, Nail Polish Display Stand in the production of materials applications, technology development, quality inspection and production processes have strict standards, every detail is to strive for perfection, as well as more in the industry Skilled workers, so showcase can greatly improve production efficiency!

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