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- Jun 20, 2018-

The Defense Ministry of the United States and South Korea recently decided to suspend the annual joint military exercise known as the "B freedom guards" originally scheduled for August. The exercise is one of the three major military exercises in the US and South Korea. This is the second time the two countries have suspended the military exercise. Supporters of the pause plan believe that it can promote the denuclearization of the DPRK, which the opponents believe will be a blow to the US ROK alliance.

South Korea's Central Daily said on the 19 day that the South Korean Ministry of Defense announced the moratorium on the day, saying the two sides will continue to negotiate further measures, and the two sides have not made a specific decision on the future joint military performance. South Korea's KBS radio website said he was considering the suspension of the three exercises including "the free guard of the B", but decided to suspend the "free guard of B". It is expected that South Korea and the United States will further reduce the scale of other exercises or stop exercises based on dialogue with the DPRK. The Associated Press reported that White, a spokesman for the US Department of defense, said on 18 days that the DPRK will fulfil its denuclearization commitments and decide whether to carry out a joint military exercise with the United States and the ROK, and the joint exercises between the United States and other countries in the Pacific and the Pacific will continue.

The predecessor of the "free guard of B" was the "focus lens" exercise in 1954 and the "exercise of B" in 1968. In 1976, Han and the United States merged the exercises into a joint military exercise of "the focus lens", and in 2008 it was renamed as "the free guard of the second branch."  The exercise is an annual regular exercise, which is held annually from August to September for about two weeks.  The first performance of the "B" exercise more prominent civil components, including the South Korean Central Government, local autonomous institutions, the police department of the more than 3500 institutions, including the national participation of the main anti terrorist exercises and disaster relief evacuation drills. In the aftermath of the "free guard" exercise, the two armies of the United States and the ROK first carried out a game of computer simulation, and then carried out large-scale military exercises to improve the ability to deal with many future threats.

In addition to the "B freedom guards", the Korean and US military exercises, which pretend to be a full-scale war on the Korean Peninsula, also include "key decisions, hawk hawk" joint military exercises. The exercise is composed of a "key decision" command post, which is composed of a computer game instead of a real soldier and a field maneuver of "Kite". The operational plan is modeled as a feasible scheme through a specific mathematical model, and then verified by a military mode, thus making the combat plan more operable.

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