Nearly 7 Of Russians Believe That There Is A World Government: Power Belongs To The Rich.

- Jul 13, 2018-

[global network reporter Zhao Yizhen] the French "European Times" on July 12 Daily said, the Russian public opinion research institute all Russian public opinion research center of the latest poll results show that 2/3 (67%) Russians believe that the "world government" is a reality, the number increased by 22% in 2014.

The poll data from the whole Russian Public Opinion Research Center shows that people believe in the existence of "the world government" because they have read related TV programs, read or hear from acquaintances (10%); power belongs to the rich, the world is dominated by oligarchs (10%), and there are groups and organizations including the United Nations and NATO (7%). At the same time, 33% of the people are difficult to answer the question.

As for the purpose of the "world government", 30% of the respondents believe that they are power and influence, 16% of them believe that they are money and get rich. 6% of them speculated that the "world government" might aim at controlling population, gaining personal interests and benefits, and committed to "harm Russia".

Polls show that 24% of Russians do not believe in the existence of the "world government". 15% believed that it could not exist because each country had its own government; 12% said that a group of people could not control all countries; 7% said there was no evidence that such organizations or groups existed. Another 45% of the respondents were hard to answer why they did not believe in the existence of the "world government".

According to reports, the poll was conducted in from May 29 to 30, 2018, and 2000 respondents aged 18 or above participated in the poll, with a statistical error of not more than 2.2%.

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