Offering Parking For Families To Pick Up Students

- May 29, 2018-

Yesterday, the Guangzhou traffic police joint Yuexiu district education bureau launched "traffic police chang " plan, from now on in front of the children's palace, agency in Yuexiu district road elementary school pilot enabled "transportation vehicles parked in the road", providing nearly 150 temporary parking, channel parents orderly transfers.In the future, Guangzhou will gradually expand the promotion pilot according to the actual situation.

At about 7.40am yesterday, the traffic around the primary school on fangqian road was very smooth.On the west side of the road in front of the traffic police station, a row of temporary parking Spaces has been set up neatly. 

"Guangzhou just take the strict law enforcement, traffic control, traditional measures such as traffic control, and in fact, for kids' just to be, or to provide special session and stretch, give parents a temporary parking, especially to ensure that the younger children would be able to enter the campus."Guangzhou traffic police order facilities brigade zhang introduced.

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