Old Plastic Bottles Make Up Vanity Case

- Jan 14, 2016-

Run out of toner or the invisible liquid bottles tend to be thrown away, in fact, the plastic bottles are very durable, tore off the packaging, do some proper decoration, storage boxes can be done before your Dresser is absolutely beautiful, environmentally friendly and save money. Other plastic bottles can be used the same way, you can make unlimited creativity.

Material preparation:

Old plastic bottles needed to make beautiful cosmetic case material:

Plastic bottles, scissors, double sided tape, decorative rope, cloth and so on.

Production steps:

1. selection of beautiful shapes and colors of plastic bottles, used here is the waste toner bottle.

2. cut off top part.

3. cut into equally prepared by bottle size two. If you have edge scissors, cut a beautiful lace.

4. bottle designs and handwriting, for beauty available scrap of cloth was wrapped around the bottle, double sided tape glued.

5. There is another piece of cloth round his head in the shape of a circle, attention to the shape towards the edge of the brim.

6. Finally, no corsage or bow out of the bottle, so a complete makeup Kit ready.

Note: If you use white plastic bottles without bottle body wrapped white cloth glued directly on the bottle they like patterns can be.

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