- Apr 04, 2018-

On the Importance of Diligence for People's Growth

         As is known to all,live in the world ,we have to work for ourselves or for others.If you are the lazy man ,many people will don't like you ,what's worse,the man who is the lazy to work is more likely to beg or steal.Therefore,everyone should be diligent when he is young.

         Form my point of view,diligence is of great significance in one's life and career.There are some reasons as follows firstly,industrious spirit is an indispensable quality that makes a person stand out,As most people are biologically endowed with the similar level of IQs,expect that few are very outstanding or low.secondly,diligence leads to accompishments while laziness always results in failure .An idle man indulging himself in comfort is doomed to fail.Lastly,diligence helps remove ignorance ,overcome difficulties ,and enlighten the mind .

     All in all ,a person must study hard when he is young so that he may great progress,succeed in life and become useful to his country.Therefore,we aay that diligence is the virtual ingredient for one's growth.

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