One Belt And One Road China - Russia Urban Cooperation BBS In Beijing

- Jun 14, 2018-

One Belt And One Road China - Russia urban cooperation BBS in Beijing

On May 28 to June 10, 2018 Beijing's high-profile international service trade fair (hereinafter referred to as the SEC) held in Beijing, the national conference center, enterprise delegates from 120 countries of the world regions, as the intersection area of one of the important activities all the way to China on May 29, Russian cities cooperation BBS successfully held a series of cooperation projects and do research.

      Russian federal social culture house first vice President of professional committee of lermontov, mikhail yuri has on behalf of the Russian highly appreciated on BBS, he thought the BBS to enhance sino-russian friendly exchanges and cooperation between cities, promote trade, set up the cooperation between government, association, enterprise Bridges, is of great significance.

It is hoped that China and Russia will play a greater role in the construction of One Belt And One Road and make greater contributions to china-russia economic and trade cooperation and people-to-people exchanges     

Russia and China strategic cooperative association vice chairman Peter kvass peskov, all the way her husband has just addo area of tea culture between China and Russia to take along the friendly city cultural cooperation between China and Russia theme common concept to make a keynote address in the future;Duma in Moscow, Russia, Moscow, vice President of the ministry of health certification committee chairman Alexander bly king, present situation and prospect of china-russia strategic partnership of coordination, strengthen the area along the sino-russian friendly cooperation opportunity advice and prospect city, city health industry prospects for cooperation between China and Russia, made a speech.


Ningxia did Mr Black liang, chairman of the council for the promotion of cultural economy, strengthen the area along the way and to participate in national cultural exchange between China and Russia keynote speech, the prospects for the cultural exchange between China and Russia has important realistic significance and far-reaching historical significance, for human civilization progress made great historic contribution to do then elaborated borrow dongfeng held the 2018 World Cup in Russia, on July 11-20, by Russia's federal social Russia's federal parliament's cultural commission ministry of culture and Russia China strategy cooperation association jointly organized around all the way of tea culture between China and Russia to take a peak BBS will be held in Russia

Over the same period (2018), China and Russia's first international poetry BBS will be all the way, the silk road and the area the ninth lermontov international poetry festival awards will be in the Russian Moscow lermontov national center, it will spread the Chinese culture of Chinese intellectual passion made China create friendship between China and Russia new sail.

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