One Belt And One Road Opens A New Path For Countries To Achieve Common Development And Prosperity

- May 17, 2018-

One Belt And One Road opens a new path for countries to achieve common development and prosperity

       Wang said that all the way along the initiative comes from China, but the opportunity to belong to the area along the initiative and results are presented in five years, China and the countries along the total trade volume in excess of $4 trillion, total investment more than 60 billion dollars Direct Air China and along the 43 countries, central European trains running more than 7500 columns, set up 75 overseas economic and trade cooperation zone, have created more than 20 m for a local jobs It's proved that the area all the way Initiative to comply with the demand of the era of globalization, for the welfare of the people all over the world to bring the real along the road Especially in the current uncertainty factors in the international situation,

        One Belt And One Road has opened a new path for countries to achieve common development and prosperity, showing strong vitality and broad prospects.

        We know that some European friends to have some doubts, I would like to stress is that the area is a sunshine project, all the way to discuss sharing principle of open and transparent inclusive of course we pursue high quality and high standard, also follow the international rules and market operation, at the same time, attaches great importance to the debt sustainability and green environmental protection chairman xi jinping is emphasised, along the way is the road of peaceful development road, also open the road of green road, of course,

      One Belt And One Road Many participants, the different stages of development, cooperation need different, promote One Belt And One Road It is necessary to take care of the needs of each participant in the method of the two sides can all the way on the basis of equal consultation in area construction, especially the third party market cooperation, better realize the complementary advantages, open up a broader space of cooperation

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