Or Not, The Emperor Also Has "vanity Case"

- Jan 14, 2016-

When Emperor Qianlong, often use their leisure time to enjoy the palace collection even decreed that craftsmen still clone a pocket in the side of a small treasure box, easy, play with, this is the curio, meaning that incorporated many of the treasures of the glove. Therefore, people often tell curio "the Emperor's toy box."

"Rosewood curio box" is a rule, but the square box. The advantage of this style is the smallest, favors shouzhu. However, the shape is simple, but not boring. Because the craftsmen used "open window" decorative techniques, on the one hand people can enjoy painting and calligraphy on one hand and then make the window look forward to the psychological.

Boxes one by one, removing walls, after the introduction of four fan-shape becomes a sense of flow, together with central circular wall effect of maneuver, let them know that it will begin to turn like a windmill. If you think that the fun of treasure hunt has ended and will stop, that loss may be big!

Indeed, Meru is also a storage space at the bottom of the box. This modern interior design and using under floor storage, almost unanimously, very creative. Curio design seems varied, sophisticated, irrespective of box, box, box, Cabinet, is a better use of space technology works, with the most limited space, store a maximum of items.

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