Osaka Resumed Operation After A 6.1-magnitude Earthquake

- Jun 19, 2018-

Osaka Resumed Operation After a 6.1-Magnitude Earthquake

         The 18th morning local time, over the past century strong earthquake in Japan Osaka prefecture, magnitude 6.1, adjacent to the Kyoto hyogo prefecture and county tremors were also reported Until the late 18 local time, confirmed that four people were killed, at least more than 376 people were injured The earthquake caused traffic stop, 170000 homes without electricity At present, part of the affected factories and shops gradually restore operation According to the Japan meteorological agency predicted, Osaka may earthquake again in around a week.Osaka, Japan, June 18 (xinhua) -- a magnitude-6.1 earthquake struck at a depth of 10 kilometers north of Osaka prefecture, the Japan meteorological agency said, without triggering a tsunami.

         18 local time, early July at the Japan meteorological agency 58 minutes when measuring a magnitude 6.1 earthquake in northern to Osaka, a depth of about 13 km because these are relatively shallow seismic, so destructive larger according to reports, this is Japan's have earthquake record since 1923, reported in Osaka to the strongest earthquake, the earthquake caused all kinds of emergencies, such as houses collapsed underground fire conduit blowout road subsidence due to earthquake is school and work in a busy rush hour, have a big impact on the city, the public transport system, all the bullet train to Tokyo, Nagoya okayama offend

The Osaka gas company stopped supplying gas in case people had to wait or walk to school, as aftershocks continued

        According to the Japan meteorological agency news, the earthquake occurred at 55 km from the city of kobe and Osaka high 槻 things fault according to the geological survey data, this is the last active fault in 1596, the earthquake damage is quite large, according to the Japan meteorological agency or stimulate the earthquake fault nearby, make its active, caused more authorities warned that the earthquake forecast around Osaka earthquake may occur within a week, urging people to prepare the Japanese media pointed out that the previous occurrence of kumamoto earthquake is caused by a fault activity around

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