Our Designer

- Nov 03, 2016-

   Our company Shenzhen Tinya Plastic Products CO.,LTD, over 10 years. Each year, each month, each week, even everyday, we will designed or made many new displays. Maybe different shape, different color, different construction etc. Our designer is a good women, she is very professional. She always draw 3D pictures, 2D picture for our customers. If the customer want to add some new idea on the acrylic display, or maybe he or she is not satisfied with the design, and want to do some changes. Our designer will draw it again and again, just for meeting our customers demands.

   Besides draw 3D pictures for our customer, our designer also need to take pictures for our customers or our new designs. This morning, our sample making department finished the new acrylic eyelash organizer sample, so our designer need to take some good and clear pictures, so that we can introduce it to our old or new custoemrs, and release it on our website. She kept many props, Our main products is acrylic cosmetics display, acrylic eyelash organizer, phone accessories display, ecigarette e liquid display etc. So when took picture, she will take the props and put it on the display, that will let the pictures be more attractive and great. After she took the pictures, she will use more software to handle the pictures, she is a good and gentle women, we appreciate her so much!



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