Our Sample Room

- Nov 11, 2016-

Today we will introduce our showing room, our showing room next door to our office room, 50 square meters, the display shelves like a backward "U" shape. Go to our showing room, the shelf close to door hold many newest acrylic cosmetic organizer, acrylic lipstick display stand,and acrylic nail polish display stand.That shelves products, many girls come to our company, they always looks on in amazemen, because they said they want to keep one for their cosmetics, but there are so many sorts, they cant decide to choose one. 

The acrylic jewerly display stand shelf is close to acrylic cosmetic organizer, that 2 type display is acrylic household type all. Our jewelry display with many type also, jewelry organizer cabinet, t-bar necklace display stand etc. If you have jewelry store or want to wholesale or retail jewelry display, welcome to visit our showing room. 

The middle 3 shelves hold acrylic mobile accessories display, phone charger display stand, acrylic e cigarette e liquid juice display, that is very popular in Canadan, UK and USA. Our customers always order our displays, their accessories supplier will send the goods to our factory, then we will help to put the accessories into the display, then ship together. 

Welcome to visit our showing room. 

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