Paris, France: Municipal Public Utilities Ban Plastic Straws Since September.

- Jul 13, 2018-

[global network reporter Zhao Yizhen] the French "European Times" 12 Daily said in July that a resolution adopted by the Paris Municipal Council recently voted that the use of plastic tubages will gradually be banned from major municipal public institutions such as schools, nursing homes, stadiums and museums from September.

According to reports, the French Association of Bas les Pailles launched an initiative on the Internet and received more than 140 thousand signatures. Later, under the initiative of the environmental party and the Democratic Progressive Party, the Paris municipal council voted on the measure. The Association says plastic straws are extremely harmful to vegetation and marine life, and are also one of the ten most rubbish cleared on the French coastline.

The Paris government will launch a series of actions that hope the city's cafes, hotels and restaurants use a straw replacement, and the city government also encourages Parisians not to use a straw. This summer, the Paris municipal government will step up publicity. The Paris beach activity will be the focus of publicity every summer.

Not long ago, the French Minister of environmental protection, Yu Luo, announced that he hoped to ban the use of straw and other disposable plastic products.

It was reported that the move in Paris was not a special case. Since July 1st, Starbucks's headquarters in Seattle has banned the use of disposable straws and tableware in all shops in the city.

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