Pen Pencil Holder

- Jun 14, 2018-

The holder of the receiver has a variety of styles, with different materials, perfect curves, clever design, a pen, a tack, a paper clip, a card, a stapler and other small objects, and the table can be kept clean and tidy.

The pen holder mainly includes wooden pen holder, iron net, pen holder, paper cover, pen holder and plastic pen holder. The pen holder can be divided into many styles, such as (multi-storey, diverse, multi type, multi-functional). With different materials, perfect curves, ingenious design, storing small objects such as pens, pins, card clips, business cards, staples and so on, it can keep the table clean.

It is used for placing frequently used files and materials, and easy to access files. Moreover, it is beautiful and durable, making office space clean and orderly, and gives people a sense of cleanliness and beauty.

Below is our new arrival and top selling acrylic pen holder, it will sort your all pen, pencil, stapler, ruler, etc, keep your tabletop clean and tidy. If you want to purchase it, please feel free contact us. 

Acrylic Pen Holder (2).jpg

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