People Who Don't Get Enough Sleep Should Sleep Late On Weekends To Help Extend Their Lives

- May 24, 2018-

 people who don't get enough sleep should sleep late on weekends to help extend their lives

Adults aged 18 to 60 should sleep more than seven hours a night, according to the American academy of sleep medicine and sleep research.

According to the Washington post reported on May 23, yesterday (May 23), researchers at the university of Stockholm, Sweden, in the journal of sleep research published an article, answered "on weekends if it's worth" problem.

Research shows that for people who don't get enough sleep, sleeping in late on weekends can make you live longer.

Stockholm university, director of the institute pressure akers Tate lead colleagues, study tracked 38015 Swedish people sleep, sickness and death data of the object of study on 13 years of tracking survey.

The main aim of the study was to find out whether weekend sleep supplements would be useful, in an attempt to bridge the gap in sleep research.

In the experiment, subjects were divided into three groups: short sleepers (who slept less than five hours on average), medium sleepers (who slept about seven hours) and long sleepers (who slept more than nine hours).

Both short sleepers and long sleepers had higher mortality rates than the average.

The sleep and rest habits of those who sleep in the middle sleep group are generally about 5 hours on weekdays and 7 or 8 hours on weekends. The mortality rate and average mortality rate of these groups are basically the same.

So the researchers concluded that short sleepers can extend their lives by using weekend reshut-eye.

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