Perseverance Means Victory

- Apr 10, 2018-

Perseverance means victory

     To tell you the truth,yesterday my mood is very depressed,I constantly doubt the job,constantly doubt myself,I have always felt that the job may not be suitable for me ,also feel the job is very difficult.I  absolutely can't do it.So I told my brother I really wanted to give up the job.

    After listening to my words,my brother think this situation is normal,everybody have this kind of negative emotions,sometimes will suddenly feel that their job is very boring,suddenly lost confidence .But these are not big problem,as long as you can in your own faith,don't forget your original goal,adjust your own state of mind,you will be able to get through this difficult time.

   After listening to my brother,I feel very inspired.Yes ,I can't prepare to withdraw when in trouble.There will always be a solution,I tell myself to calm down.I feel a lot better today.also returned to normal work,I think,without this commitment in the heart,may i now have no chance to sit hereto talk with you.What I want to tell you today is not to give up easily,to insist is to win,and you will have the life you want.



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