Pompeio Is Going To Visit The DPRK Again

- Aug 08, 2018-

[Global Network Reporter Ding Jieyun] US National Security Advisor Bolton recently revealed in an interview that Secretary of State Pompeio will visit North Korea again. However, the Yonhap news agency quoted the US State Department local time 7 news that Pompeio did not visit the DPRK plan.

When asked about the possibility of Pompeio's visit to the DPRK, Heather Norte, a spokesman for the United States State Department, said at a regular press conference on 7 that there was no access plan that could be announced at this stage. But he added that it is impossible to predict exactly what will happen. Norte also said that although the issue of denuclearization in North Korea takes time, the DPRK and the US are continuing their dialogue.

On the 6 day of local time, Bolton told the Fawkes news network that President Trump put forward a plan for Pompeio to visit the North Korea's top leader Kim Jeong-eun. Up to now, Peng Pao has visited Pyongyang three times.

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