PS Material Display Can Not Be Engraved Logo By Laser Machine

- Oct 26, 2016-

   We are plastic products professional manufacturer, with over 10 years experience on plastic display. Our acrylic cosmetic organizer are divided to 2 type, molded display and handmade display. Molded dispaly material is PS, ABS and acrylic, handmade display material is acrylic all. Our some customer like PS material makeup lipstick dislay stand, when they said they would print their logo on the display, we always reply them just by silkscreen or graphics. Some customer want to engrave or embossing their logo on it, because that will let their brand be more three-dimensional, but that is not work. Why? Plese see our following answer. 

   The PS material is very special, not like acrylic. It has some carbon cotent, the acrylic material with carbon also, but PS with much carbon than acrylic. We always use laser cut machine to engrave logo, it with high temperature, that will let the carbon burn. So if you engrave logo on PS dislay, the logo position will be black. 

   That is why we can not print logo on the PS display by engrave.

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