- Nov 22, 2016-

Last time I wrote an news, a brief introduction about our morning reading. This time I will introduce it again.

Every day at 8:30am. All the people in the office are going to the conference room to read the book---<<living law>>. Every day's morning reading is presided over by different of us.

When everyone arrives, the host will lead us to greet to each other. In order to activate the atmosphere, we'll play a game. People who lost the game should share us his/her reaction to the article after reading the book. Everyone is very happy to play the game, but also very nervous about losing the game.

It takes about ten minutes to play the game. After that, well read the book together. Everyone has a different feeling about what they read. Listening to their sharing, we will always learn something.

No matter how busy, it is good to read more books. 

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