Respect Yourself

- Apr 20, 2018-

Respect Yourself

         As human beings,we all crave the respect from others,which is colded into our DNA.However,it has proved that only when you respect yourself first can you win others' respect.That's why we say'a man can't ride your back unless it's bent.'

        Respecting ourselves is of great significance inour daily life.On the one hand,self-respect is an indispenable quality if you want to achieve success in whatever you do.Since only when you respect yourself will you be confident of your ability.On the other hand,respecting yourself lays the foundation of winning the respect of self-worth,how can you expect others to thick highly of you?

        From what has been discussed above,we can draw the conclusion that we all should seize every chance to gain more self-respect in our life.What's more,once we learn to respect ourselves,it will become much easier to earn others'respect.

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