Secret Superstar

- May 17, 2018-

Secret Superstar, this film is very popular in China. It tells about the social environment of the humble woman in India.Insiya, a 15 year old girl with musical talent, broke through discrimination and oppression with the help of her mother, brother and boyfriend, and finally realized the story of musical dreams.

Insiya born in the Muslim family of small towns, has always had a dream: to be the best singer in the world, but it has been obstructed by the father of domestic violence. The cowardly mother had no way to improve her life in essence, in addition to his father, who had quietly met Insiya's many small needs, and had no courage to divorce her from the unrespected place of the woman, and had no courage to support her dream. On the video website, Insiya, with the name of "mysterious star", put on his singing video in a robe, not only by the audience, but also by the politicians, stars and music directors, and even the music director shktti Kumar also threw out the olive branch to Insiya. With the help of shkti and good friend chin Ching, Insiya began to dream closer to his dream.

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