Senate Unveils Farm Bill,leaves Food Stamps Alone

- Jun 09, 2018-

Senate Unveils Farm Bill,Leaves Food Stamps Alon

         The senate agriculture committee on Friday released a bipartisan farm bill tant makes mostly modest adjustments to existing programs and unlike the house version of the bill,doesn't pick a fight over food stamps.

       The senate bill,dubbed the "Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018" is budget-neutral and aims to renew subsidy,conservation,nurtrition rural development and commodity programs set to expire on Sept.30

      Senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said the bill also includes a measure to legalize industrial heamp,in april,mcconnell introduced a hemp legalization bill,which he said in a news release has granered support of 24 other senators.

      The farm bill will go to the carmittee for a vote next week and set up a possible confrontation with the house,whose bill went offer the supplemental nutritional assistance program,or SNAP.the House bill passed the committee on party lines,but last month failed on the floor when a group of condervative lawmakers blocked tis passage over an unrelated immigration bill.

        House semocrats refused to support the bill,which sought sweeping changes to the SNAP program that included tightening working requirements for aid recipients.the house bill also sought to raise yhe age of exemption for seniors from 49 to 59,and impose work requirements on parents with children older than 6.the house is planning to take up its version of the bill again sometime this month.senators praised their version of the bill for its bipartisan nature.

      When ranking member stabenow and I started this journey in manhattan,kansas,last year,we made a commitments to make tough choices and produces a good,bipartisan farm bill, chairman pat raberts said in a statement. I'm pleased that today marks a big step in the process to get a farm bill reauthorized on time.



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