Shanghai Spirit

- May 28, 2018-

On 9 June, the eighteenth meeting of the council of heads of state of the SCO member states will be held in Qingdao.Standing at a new historical starting point, all parties will build greater consensus, unleash greater dividends and embark on a new journey of development and growth of the SCO.


With mutual trust, mutual benefit, equality, consultation, respect for cultural diversity, and seek common development of the "Shanghai spirit", the SCO passed 17 years of extraordinary development. In 17 years, the "Shanghai spirit" is the core concept of the SCO, also become the precious spiritual wealth in the international relations.


"Shanghai spirit" is the basis of the sco's survival and development. The Shanghai spirit has been incorporated into the sco charter since its inception.Practice has proved that this spirit inspired the members' active cooperation intention, the sco's family is growing stronger, cooperation content from the initial safeguarding regional security and stability, also gradually deepening for political, economic, security and humanities, external exchanges and mechanism construction of six major areas.The sco has shaped a significant regional and international influence.

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