Should College Students Be Allowed To Get Married

- May 02, 2018-

Should College Students Be Allowed to Get Married

     There is no denying the fact that it is a hotly debated topic today whether college students should be allowed to get married.Some time ago,the ban was lifted by some universitied on students getting married.To this people'd s attitudes differ sharply.Some hold the positive view.They say that most college students are adults and that it is a basic right for those who have reached the appropriate ages to get married.Besides,they argue that with their biological and emotional needs met.These students will study better.

       Many others,however,hold the negative view.They claim college students should focus on their study rather than get married.College student study many years,want to pursuit their dreams,and if they get married in colleage,get married it is say that they have a famliy.However,thay didn't to earn mony and are not able to support their family.

       As far as I am concerned,I believe that it is ok for colleage students to get married in colleage ,but they must to focus on study.

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