Should The Golden Week Holidays Be Abolished

- Apr 25, 2018-

Should the Golden Week Holidays Be Abolished

       There is no denying the fact that the introduction of the golden week holidays in china has considerably promoted the development of the nation's economy and touring industry and enriched people's life.people around the country have spent more time and money traveling and relaxing themselves.

         As every coin has two sides,the golden week holidays have also brought about piles of problems.For one thing,due to the fact that people across the country are spending their vacations during the same period of time,it is terribly crowed almost everywhere.For another,some businessmen take advantage of the weeklong holidays and raise price of commodities and services.

      Personally,I believe that it is necessary for people to have long vacations,but there is no need for them to have the vacations during the some period of time.iInstead,they should be allowed the freedom to arrange their own vacations.Only in this way can they really relax and refresh themselves for a new round of work.

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