Su Bingtian Tied The Asian Record In 9.91 Seconds

- Jun 23, 2018-

Su bingtian Tied the Asian Record in 9.91 Seconds

Congratulation again

       Morning Beijing time June 23, 2018, the Madrid athletics challenge spread good news, China's air,  Su Bing Tian  get the men's 100 m final, with 9 seconds 91 (+ 0.2 m/s), not only refresh the Xie Zhenye just three days ago in Paris, France in m. sur m 9 seconds 97 created the new record, also tied the Qatar was naturalized players the nords keep Asian record.

Early June 20th, the Chinese men's hundred meters air Xie Zhenye m. sur m race in France, with 9 seconds 97 (+ 0.9 m/s) man hundred meters champion, twice the results exceeded Su Bing add 2015 season ran out of the 9 seconds 99, and tong last year auspicious show ran out of the 9 seconds 98, in the country to become Asia's fastest native air.

      "Congratulations to him," su said. "the earthquake industry has been striving to break the 10-second mark.We are stronger in the relay team now, so we are stronger against Japan now.Now I must work harder myself.

        Su bingtian has formed a good competitive relationship with xie zhenye, who won in 10.04 seconds at the tianjin national games last September and finished second in 10.10 seconds.

At this station Madrid challenge, xie zhenye returned to the training base in the Netherlands, did not go to Madrid to register for the competition.

       In last July's Madrid challenge, xie ran 9.93 seconds in a downwind 4.4m/s heat.

Su tied the previous Asian record of 9.91 seconds set by qatari naturalized okunoord at the 2015 wuhan Asian championships

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