Suspected Ancient Mystery Box Vanity Case

- Jan 14, 2016-

Changsha Institute of cultural relics and archaeology staff as early as a month ago, on August 4, has been stationed in Dongfeng road, a site of archaeological sites. Archaeological excavation of tension after more than a month, while everyone was physically and mentally exhausted because of the little harvest, when the suspected East "magistrate Mrs" ancient tomb archaeological team spirits rose.

Zhao Jin told reporters that in the site in which they were found in tombs 14, but professional grave robbers in the Republic's "teacher" under preemptive attacks. Archaeologists have shangchengzuo on May 25, 1941, recorded in his diary: "came to old Northeast outside Changsha du Jia Hill, Dong Jia fen, Tang and Wang Jia-long wear eye and other places, visits have been excavating ancient tombs. Hole is a Chinese herbal medicine dispensary, and starts surprised its much, and all of the stolen. "The archaeological workers entering the site of Changsha, was on a Tomb Raider shangchengzuo said, 14 tombs, 7 hole left, even time cannot research, only 4 tombs of the Tang dynasty, 2 Song dynasty unearthed from the tomb of Kai yuan Tong Bao coin and a number of Tang and Song dynasty porcelain.

In recent days, when only 1 km from the steep Ridge site out when he found the news of Western Han tombs of the nobles, they found this Eastern Han dynasty Tomb. Although the tomb is "master" visited, but only tombs North of the funerary goods being stolen. Possibly because the Tomb to collapse, South side of the Tomb buried tomb in the fall, still accompanied by owner.

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