It's Better To Teach A Man Fishing Than To Give Him Fish

- Mar 28, 2018-

It's better to teach a man fishing than to give him fish

    We are all willing to help others, but it is also necessary to help others with wisdom.. If we help others blindly, It looks like it's helping someone out, actually it's hurting them.

          Once upon a time, a man was starving to death, so his neighbor gave him some fish and saved him from starvation for the time being. After a few days he finished eating the fish and again he was hungry. Later, his neighbor began to teach him to fish, and from now on he will never be hungry again.

        This story tells us, it is not enough to help others to solve the problem at hand, but also taught him the way to solve the problem, so the next time he met the same problem again he can depend on their ability to solve, or even the lines.

         For an example of common life, many parents are spoiling their children, never let them do any housework at home or do other things, but one day the child need to leave their parents to live independently, if the parents didn't cultivate their ability to independently since childhood,but help them do everything good, then after until they went in the social,their adaptation ability is weaker than others.

         So, again, we're going to focus on our topic today,it's better  to teach a man fishing than give hin fish.

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